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Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile 

Facility Name

Patagonia Station for Interdisciplinary Research – Bahía Exploradores

Facility Description

In the southernmost fjords in the Pacific Ocean, 300 kilometers from the city of Coyhaique, is located Bahía Exploradores. In 2009, thanks to a land concession given by the Chilean state, these 5,014 hectares of remote land became the Patagonia Station for Interdisciplinary Research.

Due to its isolation and difficult access the site presents privileged conditions for scientific research, such as the minimum human intervention on its land and in its marine ecosystems. The Patagonia Station for Interdisciplinary Research signed an agreement with French researchers from the National Center for Scientific Research (in French, CNRS).

Bahía Exploradores is an extraordinary natural laboratory for observing global changes. North of the station is the South Patagonian Ice Field (Campos de Hielo Sur), and it borders with highly pristine forests. This is a fascinating frontier to analyze, due to changing environmental and climate phenomena ready to be studied. Chilean and foreign scientists are invited to diversify experimental observations and deepen the analysis of the local ecosystem.

The infrastructure includes a platform, three domes to store research material, and a dock and a walkway crossing the river. A service facility has already been added to include work areas and photovoltaic panels.

Facility Past Projects

Some research areas: (1) Study of bryophytes, (2) Study of the hydro-geomorphology of the area, (3) Palaeoclimatological studies, (4) Local dendrochronological study.

Facility Contact

Alejandro Salazar, Director