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Universidad Austral

Capacity Building Program Name

Industry 4.0 – Capacity Building

Capacity Building Program Description

Industry 4.0 Team has developed a framework in order to work with SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) in order to correctly assess, diagnose and plan a digital transformation journey to become 4.0 companies.


The conception of 4.0 is to transform the companies, in agile, adaptive and self-learning organizations that can pre-act, take an advantage from the evidence and take actions in advance to adapt to the continuous changing rules.


Our team has capabilities and interest to offer this capacity, in the context of Capacity Building Programs for others universities who are interested to work in this matter and effectively carry this to companies, beyond the classroom.


Our group also trained other national universities in order to understand and apply the methodology, in the context of the Digital Transformation Program of Argentinean Government.




1. Training of Trainers – Training on Austral methodological framework for the development and implementation of digital transformation projects in SMEs as part of the Digital Transformation Program

2. Training workshops and in company programmes especially designed for each organizationʼs needs.

3. Co-organizer of the Industry 4.0 International Congress of Argentina (+500 participants / +30 speakers)

Capacity Building Program Contact

María Laura Pan Nogueras