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Universidad Austral

Facility Name

Educative Innovation Facilities

Facility Description

Streaming Classroom & Pedagogical Support – The Streaming Classroom can be used for different activities, from Lessons to Marketing Campaigns. For teaching purposes, the Innovation for Education Department has a Pedagogical team that supports and led the process with Professors.

COURSERA (Mooc Platform)- We are the only university in Argentina that have access to COURSERA for offering online courses & specializations programs. We offer full development process from training and understanding of the platform, to develop materials, videos and activities and building the course on the platform. This service is part of the Innovation for Education Department services.

Video Filming Studio – We have a professional studio for filming videos with high quality audio and image Video Editing – We offer an editing service for Educational Videos. This service is part of the Innovation for Education Department services.

Radio Studio – We have a professional studio for recording audio, podcasts, radio.

Audio Editing – We offer an editing service for Audios. This service is part of the Innovation for Education Department services.

Virtual Reality Lab – We have a VR Lab, for Educational and Research purposes.

Austral Park for Co-working – We have facilities for Co-Working & Meeting purposes.

Innovation for Education Department – We have a Department that has its focus on Educational Transformation. It has different action lines related to services, projects, research and Teaching & Learning in the Classroom. They can help other Universities in developing the same Department, and orientate them in how to accompany the organization in their transformational processes (related to Teaching and Learning)


Project Management for Projects in Education– We have experts in PM that can train Staff or lead Educational Projects in Education Educational Consulting We have experts in Education, Coaching, Technology applied for Education, and Educational Psychology that can train Staff or Professors, or lead Projects


Facility Past Projects



• Online Admission Course for Engineers, MKT Activities , Online Short Courses in Law

• We have 35 courses on COURSERA platform now.

• We have more than 3000 educational videos developed since 2016

• We worked with podcasts in online programs since 2018

• More than 70 projects for Educational Transformation and Education Consultin, developed since 2018, and 45 active projects in 2020 (Blended Online, MOOCs, Competence Based Education, Active Learning, Flexible Learning in Classroom)

• More than 60 online project since 2016, related to intellectual property regulations for educational platforms and virtual classrooms.

Facility Contact

Laura Ferrofino, Manager