Hemispheric University

Universidad Austral

Research Project Title

Applied and Computational Mathematics Research Topics

Research Project Description

At the intersection of Mathematics, Classical Physics (thermal) and Chemical Engineering (heattransfer).

Research areas:

Differential equations to partial derivatives: heat equation, Laplace equation; Free frontier problems for the heat-diffusion equation; Variational inequalities; Heat transfer with phase change (solid-liquid); Integral equations; Differential equations; Numerical analysis; Optimal control; Investment projects in finance; And its applications to physics, engineering, agronomy and finance. Free border problem: they are those in which the domains of the unknown functions are regions not fully known a priori, that is, they are regions whose borders are additional unknowns of the problem. In this case, one of the fundamental objectives is to predict what the position of said free frontier will be at each moment.

Applied problems where you worked / work:

Solid-liquid phase change; Diffusion-consumption of oxygen; Gas-solid reaction; Determination of thermal coefficients of phase change materials; Nutrient intake and plant growth; Financial stalemate of an investment project; Solidification of materials with high water content (solidified liquid water and sublime ice surface)

Research Project Academic Contact

Domingo Tarzia, Director