Pontificia Universidad Católica de chile

Research and Innovation Observatory Academic Contact:
Ramón Molina, Executive Director of the UC Innovation Center
The following research projects, spin-offs, facilities and reports are a selection of this institution’s efforts in the HUC’s 5 key challenge areas. HUC.R&IO seeks to encourage joint research opportunities and foster collaboration between partner universities. If you would like to know more about these projects or see your project highlighted here, contact the Research and Innovation Observatory

Research Projects

CARE – Center for Aging and Regeneration

IMII – Millennium Institute on Immunology and Immunotherapy

CIGIDEN – Research Center for Integrated Disaster Risk Manager

ACCDIS – Avanced Center for Chronic Diseases

CAPES – Center of Applied Ecology and Sustainability

iBio – Millenium Institute for Integrative Biology

ENVIRON – ProstaMets

HEAT Concrete



Atacama Desert Research Station – Alto Patache

Coastal Marine Research Station – Las Cruces

Center for Local Development – Villarrica

Senda Darwin Biological Station – Chiloé

Patagonia Station for Interdisciplinary Research – Bahía Exploradores

Center of Excellence of Biomedicine in Magallanes – Punta Arenas

UC Innovation Center Fab Lab

Capacity Building Programs

Summer School: From University to Industry

(MOOC) “Transferencia Tecnológica”

Startup Practicum

LawWithoutWalls – LOW

Annual R&D Reports