The global pandemic has reshaped the way universities teach, by searching for new collaboration. Global Vision is a core competency for Tec de Monterrey and for the Educational Model TEC21. That’s why the Vice Rectory for International Affairs decided on the design Global Week: Diversity in a Globalized Work.

Article by Mónica Arreola

Online but not alone. The students of the 26 campus of Tecnológico de Monterrey started their fall semester in a hybrid flexible model, where most classes are taken online. and some are hybrid: they combine going to laboratory sessions inside campus installations and taking theory classes in a digital platform.

With an ongoing global health pandemic, Tec de Monterrey faculty has adapted to the student’s curricula to being flexible and online. The freshman and sophomore class are learning with the Educational Model TEC21. This model is built with modules, blocks, and weeks where the students develop competencies, capabilities and skills.

The sixth and twelve weeks of the fall semester, the students can pick from different activities. This “Semana Tec” is a curricular learning unit of full immersion activities and experiences, inside or outside campus. It aims to contribute primarily to the development of transversal competences.

One of those activities was co-designed with the Vice Rectory for International Affairs, and it is the Global Week: Diversity in a Globalized Work where they would be able to:

  • Learn about privilege and inequality in Latin America
  • Discuss about migration, stereotypes, and diversity in the world
  • Propose strategies for human rights and inclusion
  • Apply a global vision to world issues

Tec de Monterrey students will be able to recognize diversity as an enriching element of their personal and professional work. In order to achieve it, the students will work along with other students from York University in Canada, the University of Miami in United States, the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra in Dominican Republic, and the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador.

The students will have the opportunity of taking the Global Week: Diversity in a Globalized Work during the fall semester on September 14-18th, 2020 or in October 26- 30th, 2020. At the end of the week the students will develop the competency of Social Intelligence and diversity as the sub-competency.

Stay tuned here, were we will be sharing pictures and videos about it.